Sat | Sep 22, 2018

KFC 'express' line under more fire

Published:Tuesday | February 14, 2017 | 12:00 AM


With reference to the letter that appeared in The Gleaner in People's Report last Saturday, it is true that something fishy is happening at the Old Hope Road KFC.

On Tuesday of last week, I had to raise hell with one of the cashiers because she was allowing the security guard to make orders at his demands. It is absolutely crazy!

Customers are actually in the line, so why must they be held up with security guards placing orders and collecting food multiple times before them?

The management of KFC should be blamed for all of this, because clearly, they are not using the CCTV at the location, because I am sure if they were, they would see the security guards in full flight. Unless their actions are authorised by management.

This practice cannot continue!

KFC needs to tell us customers what is really happening and explain why these security guards are doing these 'extra duties'.