Mon | Mar 19, 2018

Crime plan a big letdown

Published:Wednesday | February 15, 2017 | 12:00 AM


After assuring the electorate during months of political campaigning that if he wins the election, Jamaicans could look forward to going to sleep with their doors opened, the prime minister announced a plan that is completely devoid of any planning whatsoever.

After being in office for a whole year, and to present such sorrowful caricature for a crime plan, Mr Holness cannot fault us for becoming very apprehensive about the prospects for significant macroeconomic growth.

If, by the Government's own admission, crime is among the country's biggest inhibitors to economic growth; and this kindergarten production is the best it could come up with for a crime plan, wouldn't it be naivety in the extreme to expect real transformation of the economy from these same people?


The perennial subterfuge employed by those whose responsibility it is to craft policy and operational initiatives to drastically reduce crime in this country, is that crime is a complex phenomenon that requires more resources than the country can afford. That is nothing but a cop-out, resorted to by men and women whose penchant for profiling seems to take precedence over getting the job done.

Every reported case of murder reinforces the conviction that the police are light years away from making a serious dent in crime. Do the police really believe that a significant number of murders committed are the result of lottery scamming? Why is it, then, that in more than 70 per cent of murders, the police initial report is that they have no motive(s)?

Why would a gunman try to take out his intended victim in a crowd of eight or 12 persons, instead of carrying out the attack when the chance of hitting his target is a lot greater - when the target is alone? Where crime is concerned in this country, 'something inna something'!