Thu | Jan 18, 2018

Jamaica needs a Donald Trump

Published:Wednesday | February 15, 2017 | 12:00 AM


With Donald Trump's confrontational, headstrong and unflinching attitude towards policy and the presidency, many have found him difficult to get along with and have placed him in the category of 'most unreasonable!'

In fact, the US is already reeling from decisions made by the president in the first three weeks of his tenure. Say what you will, but sometimes we need a strong leader, one who is not willing to compromise on what he believes to be the right thing to do.

Don't get me wrong: I am not a Trump supporter, nor am I in favour of his policies or practices, but I do believe there is a place for someone like that in our Government.

Crime affects all of us indirectly and directly. Without investment and development, our country's growth will eventually become dormant, thus leading to more crime.

With everyone in a state of fear, locked behind closed doors and avoiding public spaces, who will be making use of growth and development? Nobody.

These criminals aren't looking at the bigger picture - allowing our country to reap the rewards of having investors assist to grow our economy. Instead, they're robbing and killing for thousands of dollars when they could gain much more.

How do we get them to see the bigger picture?

I get it! We all get it! No one person has the magic wand to stop crime. For far too long, we've been singing the same old song: 'this needs to be done or let's do that'. It's time to change the tune. We need a radical approach.

The national security minister and the prime minister have said that crime reduction is their priority. Maybe we need a no-nonsense, unwavering man in the seat, someone like Mr Trump possibly?!


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