Mon | Jul 16, 2018

Hurt by depths we've plunged

Published:Friday | February 17, 2017 | 12:19 AM


As I read George Davis' column ('Life: nasty, brutish, short'; Gleaner, February 15, 2017) on how Jamaica has lost its way, I can't help but feel it deep inside.

I grew up in the era where there were no guns in the hands of common citizens. I grew up where my dad used to take his own resources and fix the road that led up to my village. I grew up where children were basically safe to play and roam. I used go bird hunting with my brother in the deep forests on our land, something that would be unheard of today, unless now armed or accompanied.

It seems that the Government of Jamaica has also lost its way, which really is a reflection on the people at large. Instead of pumping our resources into education and making it mandatory to get that privilege free of charge up to college level, we prefer to dump money into paying people to vote for certain political parties.

Nurses, teachers and other professionals are fleeing because they can't make a decent living. So while it seems that the common people are the murderers of today, they are a reflection of the indignity to which the Government has subjected them.

May God help us! Do you buy fast food in Jamaica? Do you only buy locally grown foods? Do you have a charity that helps to send young people to school? Do you have anything that contributes to the lives of the so-called dregs of society?

I pray for my people and my country. I love my country as much as my dad did, but not enough to sacrifice my life. If everyone who has power is so self-interested, why should I bother?