Sun | Jul 22, 2018

I am prepared to give up my rights to survive

Published:Friday | February 17, 2017 | 12:19 AM


The criminals and potential criminals must be laughing all the way to their next heinous act as they witness the continued ambivalence of a society that cannot unite as one voice against them.

Year in, year out, we read and listen to our radios and TVs as one story after another is reported about some kind of crime taking place somewhere.

I recall so painfully how one of my young daughters' prep school-to-high school friends was slaughtered by her boyfriend in what we are calling domestic disputes. This child was all her mother had, and she did everything to get her a good start in life, including selling snacks outside the school gate to help with sending her to school.

We all have to join in and support the noble and courageous efforts that the Government is trying to put into place to stem the bloodletting .

Of course, the initiatives announced are not perfect, but l am prepared to give up some of my constitutional rights if it will prevent the killing and/or abuse of one more child, or anyone else, for that matter. My constitutional rights will have no meaning if I live in a society where I am likely to be the victim of serious crime.

As a society, we are fighting for our very survival and we must use all the means at our disposal to ensure that we survive.


Kingston 8