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Bustamante doctor uncaring

Published:Saturday | February 18, 2017 | 12:00 AM

I am a Jamaican mother of four children and four grandchildren who is very concerned about the level of treatment offered to our nation's children.

During a short visit to Jamaica, my six-year-old daughter got very sick. She was running a temperature and cried non-stop because of pain in her left ear. I tried to comfort her some, but with no sign of improvement, I decided to take her to Linstead Hospital.

I was given a seat by a security guard and I sat and watched a nurse who should be taken over the shift stand and chat with parting nurses on the outside for an extended period. After sitting and waiting for over an hour. A nurse finally checked my baby's vitals, then we were then sent to another bench to sit and await the doctors screening.




For another hour or more, I heard the doctors asking who was there for screening, so we went in. This is where I got the shock of my life.

Doctor : Wah wrong wid her?

Me: She has been crying for constant pain in the ear.

Doctor: Carry her go clinic tomorrow. You nuh have painkiller a you yard? I can't find otoscope to check earm so carry clinic in the morning! Again, she's going to ask me if I don't have painkillers at home. This lady has not touched my child, checked her in any form, and kept asking me about pain killers at home it seems, as if I was the doctor administering drugs.

I took my baby to the doctors still in pain on Thursday only to find out that she had other medical conditions along with an ear infection.

And to know that I was in a government medical facility with minor PAIN and was turned away by a trained medical professional.

Our children are not only being abused by people that are kidnapping and killing them; they are being abused by all, as I consider this doctor's behaviour negligent and abusive.



George Town, Grand Cayman

& Treadways, Linstead,

St Catherine