Thu | Jul 19, 2018

Good riddance, Devon House!

Published:Saturday | February 18, 2017 | 12:00 AM

It was with great interest and sincere sympathy that I read a letter in another newspaper recently titled 'Devon House noise'.

I was one of those who, during years and years of suffering and complaining, wrote countless letters to the management and the police about the unbearable, intrusive and abusive noise from Devon House. I once lived near to Devon House, and in fact, my decision to sell my home was about 50 per cent because of the noise from the park, as I could not relax, sleep or get any rest, particularly on weekends. So I said good riddance to Devon House over a year ago, and moved out of that vicinity.

So, Devon House management, please take note of the letter published in that other newspaper by 'Having Sleepless Nights' and see if you can actually, at last, do something effective about this terrible, totally inconsiderate, illegal and escalating nuisance. The police have heard enough from me in the years before I left the area.

It will only get worse if it's not stopped right now. This Devon House problem is a perfect microcosm of everything else that is happening here in Jamaica, land that we love.

Jamaica is, indeed, as announced in Thursday's Gleaner front-page headline, in severe danger from apparently uncontrollable crime and indiscipline.


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