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Don't stay in abusive marriages

Published:Wednesday | February 22, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I agree with most of Michael Abrahams' online article, 'Marriage - not for everyone'. (Gleaner, February 20, 2017).

I guess it begs the question, 'If not marriage, then what?' For the persons who are not cut out for marriage, it would be interesting to know what they were cut out for. Common-law marriage? Visiting relationship? One-night stand? Serial monogamy? Polygamy?

What would make them cut out for a common-law relationship, but not marriage? If (notice I say, IF) it is their plan to have children, a bad marriage is not ideal. However, would the alternative arrangements be any better for child-rearing or fair to the children?

Nobody should remain in an abusive relationship when attempts to remedy the situation have failed. But sometimes when marriage is blamed for someone's unhappiness, the reality is that the spouses are just as miserable when they split. Whether people should dissolve a union 'because they are unhappy' is a non sequitur, in my opinion.