Sun | Sep 23, 2018

Go hard on lawless public transport operators

Published:Thursday | February 23, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I wholeheartedly support the initiative to remove the excessively dark tints, more than 30 per cent of what is required by law, from the vehicles in the public transport system, which are in clear breach of Section 15 (b) of the Transport Authority Act.

There are some operators, with the support of their respective misguided associations, who have the gall to argue that removing the tint from taxis and buses will not assist in the fight against crime, and that the operators in the sector are being unfairly targeted.




It is no secret that many of these public-transport operators have nothing but a blatant lack of respect for the law because they believe that they are a law unto themselves. They are of the unfounded belief that they own the roads and should do as they please, when they please, while inconveniencing other road users.

While the removal of the deep tints from the buses and taxis will not solve all the crimes in our country that is suffering at the hands of dog-hearted criminals, it will certainly put a dent in the ability of some of these rogue public transport operators who are colluding with the murderers, thieves and rapists in facilitating their devious acts.

This tint-removal initiative is reasonable and will only serve to protect us, the vulnerable travelling public, from danger, and I see no logical basis on which it should be halted in order to allow lawlessness to reign.

I urge the authorities to go hard on these lawless public transport operators in enforcing the regulations and to prosecute them for non-compliance.

All right-thinking citizens should support the Government's initiative in this regard.