Sat | Feb 24, 2018

Race-based politics a poisoned chalice

Published:Friday | February 24, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Race-based politics has sunken its claws not only here in Trinidad, but globally.

This is because the political leaders of the main East Indian-based party, by themselves traducing and demonising, told them to do so. Here is a dictionary definition of traduce:"To defame, slander, speak ill of, evil of, gossip about, misrepresent, malign, vilify, calumniate, denigrate disparage, slur, decry, sully, impugn, smear, besmirch, dishonour, backbite."

This is being written, not to cast blame, not to attack and seek vindication, but to illustrate a point about our society. People generally, will go about naturally showing love, empathy, respect. But when afflicted by the virus of race, partisan politics, they are doomed. Defeated. Soon crushed, not knowing again who they are, what happened to them, if they are coming or going.

Race-based politics kills. Any race-based politics is doomed to failure, for the simple reason: racial difference is a superficial category.

Hitler is but one obvious example. But racism is an ideology. It is radioactive. When the atom bomb of race falls, it is not one man who is affected, afflicted; this ideology is radioactively shared.

Partisan politics and race will kill the world. It blinds us into irrationality and stupidity, our own degrading defeat. It holds us by our proverbial cojones, shakes us in the air, will not let us go. It is a nasty, ill-breeding chemical. It sets upon us and tears us apart, for our own global ruin and destruction.