Sat | Mar 17, 2018

Commendable improvement in JUTC service

Published:Saturday | February 25, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Greater Portmore

I would like to take this opportunity to express my delight about the changes that have been made regarding the Jamaica Urban Transit Company's (JUTC) route operations.

It is obvious that there have been some new measures implemented in terms of dealing with the density of commuters in the transport centre, as well as the timeliness of buses on some routes.

It was some months ago that I wrote a letter in which I communicated my vast displeasure about the bus system and how it operated, especially on the Greater Portmore 17a route. I am elated to see that they have made concerted effort in trying to rectify the problems that existed.

To begin, there is no longer a mass of commuters all bundled together in the transport centre, especially at peak hours between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. Instead, there are now queues being formed to facilitate the orderly entrance of commuters into the buses as they arrive. This action has greatly reduced the stress level of many distressed commuters.

Next, the wait period for the buses on some routes like mine, 17a, has also been reduced somewhat, as buses are now arriving over shorter periods than before.

Although the root cause of the problem - a shortage of buses - has not been resolved, I want to commend the company for not only recognising that there was a severe discrepancy on its part, but for actually taking the necessary actions to remedy this situation. This has helped to alleviate the discomfort of commuters.

I encourage them to continue the improvement efforts that will make travelling on the public-transportation system a little more bearable for passengers. This is part of what constitutes excellent customer service, and the continued efforts will undoubtedly align with JUTC's slogan, 'Your Route to Excellence'.