Sun | Jan 21, 2018

5% from 100% leaves nothing

Published:Monday | February 27, 2017 | 12:00 AM


The new pension scheme coming on stream in April for teachers and other public servants has a lot of shortcomings.

I heard the Jamaica Teachers' Association President Howard Isaacs taking a jab at the Government in saying it is time for us to be militant and unite as one to counter this atrocity.

Successive governments have done little to change the status quo of the 25,000 teachers registered. We are very disappointed with the Andrew Holness administration in the way they are treating the matter. Five per cent from our meagre salary is quite a lot in these challenging times. Five per cent from 100 per cent leaves nothing! At least what was given to us the other day is gone. This is 'Anancism' at its best.

What have these governments done to our cause repeatedly? It cannot be business as usual with these types of interventions in our lives. Many teachers on the verge of retirement are not satisfied with this type of non-progressive initiative.

The government has frozen our salaries for a number of years and had us suffering severely. We need to stop the politicking and face the people realistically, and stop hiding under the guise of politics. It is ridiculous and very cruel to take out of the suffering teachers' salaries to fund their retirement monies. I don't know what the Government has been anticipating, but there certainly is going to be a backlash.

To meet International Monetary Fund financial requirements, the Government say they cannot do better, but is this to the detriment of our hard-working teachers? The new pension scheme is going to cause widespread suffering among the teachers who are hell-bent on achieving their hearts desire. We need to stand up and be counted. No government should dictate how its people live without proper feedback from the teachers themselves.

Paris Taylor

Greater Portmore