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Letter of the day | Lyrical delight in murder unhealthy

Published:Monday | February 27, 2017 | 12:00 AM


On Jamaica Day 2017, I had the privilege of driving overseas colleagues to events at our conference 'Prevention is better than cure', which addressed strategies to prevent mental illness and promote mental health in our children.

Across the city of Kingston, we observed young Jamaicans dressed proudly in their national colours. Their schools were places of honour and celebration.

As we try to develop national pride and self-respect, we are up against those who are filled with self-abnegation, doubt and aggrievement. They are consumed by the kind of aggression that issues death threats against those who disagree with them.

Our murder statistics and delight in lyrical murder are precisely the signs of a society that is consumed by rage and is unable to find healthy outlets for its grief and intergenerational trauma.

Mercifully, others were preparing for the Gibson McCook Relays to channel the energy, competitive spirit and excitement of 4,000 athletes, their schools, coaches, families and their friends.

How do we rebalance a society which is being consumed by hate and self-destruction? We already have many of the answers about how to build a healthy, strong and productive society. Let us get on with the job.

Hilary Hickling

UWI Mona