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Keep your convicts, UK!

Published:Tuesday | February 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I condemn the outburst of Philip Hollobone, member of parliament (MP) in the British Conservative Party, which was made recently.

While I am not in agreement with the Jamaican Government to flatly refuse the offer of 25 million pounds sterling, the MP should respect Jamaican sovereignty. His outburst is disrespectful, distasteful, unnecessarily vociferous, and definitely not acceptable.

There is no empirical record in Jamaica that these persons who Britain wants to deport to Jamaica have committed any crime in Jamaica. Therefore, they should serve their sentences in the country where the crimes were committed.

There is no law in our Constitution that we should accept Jamaicans who committed crimes in a foreign country and sentenced to do their prison term to return to Jamaica to complete their sentences. If we should do that, it would be unconstitutional.