Sun | Aug 19, 2018

Taylor's rant was junk journalism

Published:Tuesday | February 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I reference Orville Taylor's column in The Sunday Gleaner of February 26, 2017, titled 'Fatal truth: class doesn't excuse blame'. I am in agreement with his sentiments of empathy regarding the death of Yvonne Brown. It is indeed a terrible blow for her family.

My visceral reaction to everything else is perplexity. I never realised that 'classism' was on trial. To which class does Dr Clarke belong? Should you, being an academician, who also occupies the education space, be labelled classist or even elitist?

Though you say you do not know him, you seem awfully eager to condemn him. Oh, I know! This must be a social experiment! Why else would you have produced this mishmash of theses bookended by your self-aggrandisement and your unnecessary moralising?

Are you insinuating that he be treated as a scapegoat by the judicial system as the one that didn't get away? Luckily, for our intelligent readers, we do not rely on the puerile to get us through our day.

You know nothing about Dr Clarke. That much is obvious. You have not had a full-throated discussion of the issues. You just keep vacillating and jumping from one topic to the other. You said that people like Dr Clarke should be held to a higher moral standard. Well, so should academicians masquerading as journalists. If you must opine, please avail yourself of the facts. This narcissistic piece is indeed preaching to the choir three years later. The die is already cast.