Sun | Jul 22, 2018

Tint crackdown first step in march to victory

Published:Wednesday | March 1, 2017 | 12:00 AM


The programme of removal of dark tints and sound systems from public passenger vehicles, though appearing at first to be an innocuous response to controlling crime, is, in fact, a great initiative that will have tangible results.

It sends the right signal to the society, and the wrongdoer in particular, that the security forces are serious about restoring law and order and will stop at nothing, however small, to achieve this objective.

My recommendation to the Government is that it continue along this vein and remove the unsightly and illegal vending stalls, and crack down on other illicit activities like residential garages. These places are used as hideouts for drug pushers and other criminals.

The positive results from these soft interventions are well documented by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who started a programme of cleaning up crime by simply removing graffiti from the subway system in a very carefully planned way so that each time graffiti appeared, it was painted out within hours. After a while, the miscreants got the message.

This programme of intolerance, aimed at bringing back some semblance of law and order to society, must extend its tentacles to the wider issue of the corrupting forces such as dancehall music and culture that, in my humble opinion, continue to wreak havoc with our value system, as it stokes the 'a nuh nutten' mentality, which in turn gives rise to the ideas that we can do anything illegal and immoral and get away with it.

The death threats to MP Lisa Hanna are an indication of how toxic this genre of music can be to those who imbibe it.