Tue | Oct 23, 2018

Worl' Boss badder than prison boss?

Published:Wednesday | March 1, 2017 | 12:00 AMTHE EDITOR, Sir:

Too many people - inclu-ding journalists, politicians, and Dr Donna Hope as usual - have been missing the most pertinent point in the latest Vybz Kartel debate.

That point is not about whether Kartel's music should be banned from public radio or recorded in prison. That is not the most salient point!

The debate, instead, should be about the QUALITY of the music being produced by a convicted murderer, and released from a government-owned prison.

Like it or not, Vybz Kartel, until he is released, should not have privileges equal to artistes beyond confinement. To think he should is to be asinine.

Since Kartel's incarceration, too many of his songs recorded in prison have been promoting guns and violence; too many are littered with pornography.

Redemption songs

That's the type of music coming from a prisoner who should, instead, be singing redemption songs.

Where does Commissioner of Corrections Ina Hunter fall in all of this? Is she being held accountable?

Are the prison authorities turning a blind eye at Kartel's gun lyrics out of sheer nepotism? Is that so, Mr Tom Tavares-Finson?

Another artiste, Jah Cure did a most powerful and positive lyrical Refection when he was incarcerated. I expect nothing less from the lyrical 'world boss'.

We lament gun murders - the very thing our artistes promote freely and fearlessly in their lyrics. Then we lament the failure of witnesses to come forward when we allow our artistes to promulgate the 'informer-fi-dead' culture freely and unabashedly.

Despite Prime Minister Holness' high-sounding rhetoric, a murder convict under the supervision of the prime minister's government is being allowed to release gun lyrics and lyrical pornography in Jamaica. Dat mek sense?