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Alan Magnus, Jamaica's big brother

Published:Monday | March 6, 2017 | 12:00 AM


For those of us who have had a big brother who genuinely cares and has our backs, you can understand the headline of my letter.

For the past four decades, RJR's Alan Magnus has been Jamaica's big brother.

We don't consider him a radio personality or celebrity. He is even more than a friend. He is a member of our family. Just listen to the way that he conducts interviews or the way he speaks to the lucky person who just received his wake-up call.

During Hurricane Gilbert's aftermath, it was Alan Magnus' voice that saw us through and made us feel that we could make it.

He is not better than us, he is one of us.

I would like to make a humble suggestion to the powers of RJR radio. Please replace Alan in the morning with Action and the Burgerman. Then you can even invite Alan to join them on some Fridays.

Paula-Ann Porter-Jones, I believe, will do an extraordinary job in the afternoon.

This line-up will pretty guarantee that RJR's weekday radio continues to dominate.