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Industrialise south coast

Published:Monday | March 6, 2017 | 12:00 AM


The following are excerpts from Peter Espeut's article in The Gleaner dated March 3, 2017: "Over the last year and during the election campaign, signs of inexperience and poor judgement were there for all to see. The promise of raising the income tax threshold to J$1.5 million was a master stroke, pandering to the struggling lower middle class; but the promise that this could be done in one go (under tight IMF constraints) with no additional taxes was implausible".

Why do you tolerate persons who write such nonsense? How can the J$1.5 million be called a master stroke?

And: "But the announcement of the abandonment of plans for a trans-shipment port on the Goat Islands is a sign of a real commitment to the integrity of Jamaica's natural environment, and I suppose that is preferable to a nice-sounding but ineffective Ministry of the Environment.".

In St Thomas, Kingston and St Andrew, St Catherine, and Clarendon live about 1.3 million Jamaicans. Most, if not all, of the large industrial concerns in these parishes have disappeared. We should have grasped, with both hands, the Chineses' plans for the Goat Islands. The Chinese seem to be building out their plans in Mariel, Cuba, instead. Several Chinese manufacturing and trading companies are now operating there.

We need to industrialise Jamaica's south coast. Obstructionist environmentalists are receiving 'molongo' money from patrons abroad to keep Jamaicans poor.

Why do you tolerate persons who write such nonsense?


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