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Gov't right to reject UK prison 'gift'

Published:Tuesday | March 7, 2017 | 12:00 AM


The Rev Devon Dick, in The Gleaner, March 2, 2017, under the headline 'Accept the prison gift', seemed not to understand that the United Kingdom's so-called gift of a prison was a deal of trickery that it tried to pull over the eyes of the Jamaican Government.

Rev Dick must first understand that the British government did not offer Jamaica the gift of a prison; they, instead, offered to grant about 60 per cent of the cost to build a prison. Second, it is not that the UK was sorry for the condition under which our prisoners are being held; it was their self-interest.

They wanted to send prisoners - presumably Jamaicans - who are being imprisoned in the UK to serve their terms in Jamaica. The UK prime minister, at

that time, told The Guardian that the Jamaican prisoners incarcerated in Britain would be sent here to serve their terms, for it was costing the British taxpayers too much to sustain them there.

Thanks to the smart thinking of the current Government of Jamaica, and the majority of the Jamaican people, this deal has been rejected.


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