Sun | Jan 21, 2018

Property tax delinquency a disgrace

Published:Wednesday | March 8, 2017 | 12:00 AM


When you go to the USA and European countries, the non-payment of property taxes could lead to the owner losing the property in short order. This makes for quick and prompt payment by most.

These jurisdictions know that apart from taxes from income, placing an annual premium of land holdings is another way to get resources to maintain roads, street lights and other essential services for community and overall national development.

The recent revelation that property tax arrears are now above $200 billion must have someone taking the blame. Someone must explain to the nation why the landed gentry has been able to get away with well-needed resources that can help in buttressing public-sector pensions, fixing our roads, paying better salaries to our teachers and police.

The real truth here is that we have politicians at all levels who are incompetent. We are not attracting our brightest people into politics because both political parties still survive on members playing yes-man or (-woman) to the party leaders.