Tue | Jan 23, 2018

Junction deathtrap

Published:Friday | March 10, 2017 | 12:00 AM
File photo showing a damaged section of the Junction main road in St Mary which had collapsed following heavy rains in the parish in December last year.


Those travelling to St Mary via Junction are placed in danger due to the perilous state of that roadway. Junction is one of Jamaica's biggest deathtraps. Large stretches of that road are often wet because of the environmental conditions, hence the numerous potholes. The water settles and destroys the surface because it is not properly built or the material used is incapable of dealing with the volume of rain that falls in St Mary and rural St Andrew.

In addition, Junction is hilly, very narrow in too many areas, and has a series of seriously winding roads littered with deeply dug-out potholes, many landslides, overhanging trees, unkempt verges, uneven surfaces, plus waterfalls gushing on to the road surface when it rains. There are breakaways in the surface of the road.

I think the citizens deserve better in this country. I am also of the view that we can do much better, and it should not be left until there are deaths due to the state of the road to address this issue.

I am calling on the parish councils, the members of parliament, the National Works Agency, and the transport ministry to urgently redesign and rebuild this roadway.

In the meantime, I think the road should be widened significantly and repaved. Sturdy walls should be constructed at the edges of the precipitous areas. Culverts should be built to take away the water from the road surface so as to extend its life, and curb walls should be installed. As it is now, there is a clear and present danger to motorists, especially those unfamiliar with the terrain.

J. Edwards