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In praise of the police

Published:Friday | March 10, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Norman Grindley/Chief Photo Editor Police on foot patrol on Burke Road, Spanish Town, St Catherine yesterday.


This letter is an expression of gratitude from myself and the neighbours of an elderly man who was injured from a fall. For several days he was confined to bed, helpless. Our gratitude is to the police at Grant's Pen Police Station for responding to a call for urgent assistance.

I received a call on Tuesday March 7, 2017, from one of the senior citizen's neighbours, stating that from very early in the morning the elderly man had been crying out from the excruciating pain which resulted from a fall from his bed. Over the period of time, his hip became swollen and extremely painful. I was alarmed that as a person registered on the poor relief system, he was not attended to. I realised that the police was the only hope.

Immediately, I went to the police station at Grant's Pen Road and made a plea to Constable J. Wallace. We spoke about the matter and he helped. He located a 'squad car' that could help and made the necessary arrangements. In a reasonable period of time, the car arrived with two officers at the elderly man's home. With the assistance of a neighbour, the senior citizen was taken to the hospital. We make this public expression of our deepest thanks to Constable Wallace and the two officers in the squad car who took the senior citizen to the hospital.

The man's hip was X-rayed. It was broken and infection had started to take over the injured area. We appreciate this compassionate act by the police. Especially in these times of high crime, it is commendable that you gave your kind assistance to provide community service. We often hear not-so-good things about the force, but we must express thanks for this kind act. When the social agencies and people with local political responsibilities break down and fail to do their work, and when we have no one to turn to, we turn to the police. Our call was answered. Indeed, the police was there to serve, protect and to reassure. We thank you very much.

I must also applaud the neighbours for being their brother's keeper. They will also be mobilising assistance for the senior citizen while he is hospitalised.

Dr Louis E. A. Moyston

Kingston 8