Sun | Jul 22, 2018

End abuse of women

Published:Wednesday | March 15, 2017 | 12:00 AM


It's no state secret that women are being abused and nothing is being said. Women are undermined, and that's no secret either. Women are being treated like property, and nothing is being said about that either.

I can't believe people are still victim-blaming in 2017. How can one say, 'is she cause it'? A man should respect a woman enough to not do certain things, even if he was living a riotous life. He should be willing and able enough to compromise.

Even if a woman has done him wrong, he has no right to be abusive towards her. Count to 10 and walk away and get someone to talk to her.

Imagine! Women are being abused and some women have a problem with other women breaking the silence. Nothing is cute about anybody being beaten. Because a woman has wronged a man, it doesn't give him the right to hit her? Nonsense! Women are human beings. They inhale and exhale and blood runs through their veins.

A revolution is what we need right now, and I support the Tambourine Army 100 per cent. Loud mouths and representation will do the job. I believe where two or three are gathered, our ancestors are in the midst to bless. Women will win, as all we need right now is spirit, fight and wisdom.


Youth Advocate