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FAME must reclaim rich tradition

Published:Saturday | March 25, 2017 | 12:00 AM

DJ Roddy G

Loyal Listener

I have been listening with dismay to the direction that FAME 95 FM has been taking for the past three to four months, and my observations and suspicions were validated when a friend directed me to the March 10, 2017 Entertainment Report's airing of Dennis Howard's interview.

The Fraternity of Amazing Musical Expressions, to which I have been steadfastly loyal for the past 15-plus years, has lost its appeal, and after viewing Mr Howard's interview, I know why.

It is clear that Mr Howard has been entrusted and empowered to lead the charge for the newly merged group. Leadership clearly does not appreciate the offerings of each station or the target audience to whom they focus their content.

To say that each station is cannibalising the other is ridiculous! The energy, content and delivery of a Hitz92 (while being the closest to a FAME 95) is nowhere near the same. That said, the target audience and demographics of each station's listeners can be clearly distinguished. Let me restrain myself there, as I am sure you are more informed on these data than myself.

I am taking this time as a listener to remind you of what the acronym stands for and my interpretation of how it should be applied:

• Disc jocks with the talent, knowledge and creativity to deliver songs that portray the best that musicians have to offer.

• Programmes that are relevant to the time of day they are being aired and our landscape.

• Personalities with the sophistication, command of the English language, and clarity of thought that has been another flagship trademark of this station.




I have been patient in staying true to this station through its transition, hoping you would soon find the right frequency, but alas, that interview made it abundantly clear that management has lost the vision of the FAME brand.

I take away from Mr Howard's interview that a personality should not make a station. But guess what? The different shows make the stations, and it's the personality's ability to deliver those shows that make them relevant. When Danae and Francois left the 5-9 a.m. slot, I am sure you lost some listeners who appreciated that flavour (because that's what morning radio should sound like, even though it didn't sound like Allan and Dorraine).

You found a gem in Nikki Z, but alas, she is gone. You have troubled the tuner, and now it just does not sound right. We know what happens when we can't pick up a station cleanly; radio lock off, or we change station.