Thu | Oct 18, 2018

The corned beef iceberg

Published:Tuesday | March 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM


If bad corned beef is really being imported and sold in Jamaica, there may be other shoddy products being imported and sold that have escaped the scrutiny of our local watchdogs.

Last year, I got an electrical mosquito zapper (made in China) which worked only the day I got it and I tossed it in the garbage bin the following day because it stopped working. Utter crap!

I bought a portable water heater at Rapid True Value in December last year which worked fairly well but now has conked out. On the front panel of the installed device there is a statement: "In Jamaica, call 1-888-heaters for warranty and after-sales service." I have tried that number several times without getting any response (no voicemail even; it just rings out), and when I called Rapid True Value about it, they gave me the runaround without providing any help.

How is this kind of nonsense allowed in modern Jamaica? Are we forgetting the iceberg phenomenon - the larger portion is underwater? Let us tek sleep mark death!

And while I am at it, why are the cell phone companies allowed to dictate a use-by-date for the credit customers buy for their own phone convenience? You lose the purchased credit if you don't comply, too. Isn't this a species of 'hol' dung and tek weh'? It's criminal in my view, so where is the OUR in all this?