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Divestment binge makes us poorer

Published:Tuesday | March 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Jaevion Nelson strikes an optimistic stance in his piece 'Holness sounding the right notes' (The Gleaner, March 25, 2017).

He is hopeful, and that's good, but the damage to Jamaica has already been done. Too many of Jamaica's valuable assets are in the hands of foreign entities, which promptly sweep that pot of gold across the ocean to enrich others.

See, they're now ready to divest the airport. Why? "It's losing money" is the eternal refrain. Why it's losing money and how can that be changed is too complicated, you see.

So let's just sell it to a foreign corporation that will come in, tweak things a bit, infuse a little more capital, and boom! Massive profit.

They then do what they always do, that is, feed off us while our country reels.

News flash, politicians: Foreign corporations are not loyal to Jamaicans; they are loyal to their shareholders!

We refuse to accept that prosperity is derived through ownership and control only. We refuse to accept that we must not allow others to do for us what we should be doing for ourselves.

What are foreigners doing that Jamaicans can't do? To see parliamentarians tabling a Budget with their 'parliamentary' brio is both sad and funny to me, because I know they're quibbling over the scraps as they tax the beleaguered Jamaican taxpayer into the poorhouse.

I compare our leaders to the house slaves of the plantations of the past. Having been elevated to the slightly more prestigious positions of house slave, they take on the mantle with gusto, and with an authority that is singular.

As my heart bleeds for my country, I am sadly amused as I observe them in their foreign designer suits, after alighting from their foreign-built luxury SUVs, to address us from their soon-to-be foreign-built luxury building.