Wed | Jul 18, 2018

Good move, Fitz Jackson

Published:Thursday | March 30, 2017 | 12:00 AM


It has always been a general lamentation among persons who are disenfranchised from the political system, that our parliamentarians are woefully unrepresentative. They bemoan a reality that, oftentimes, our politicians do not vote on a bill after consultations with their constituents, but do so along political lines for the interest of their own parties.

This has somewhat changed as there is a semblance of hope indicative in the intent of MP Fitz Jackson to make amendments to the Banking Services Act to allow for the regulation of bank fees. This is a good move, as it redounds to the benefit of those who are punished for simply participating in the formal economy through the banks. This intention has so far borne much fruit as four commercial banks, specifically NCB, CIBC, First Global and Scotia Bank, have suspended the charging customers for dormant accounts.

Such a move proves that the interest of the Jamaican people is at the forefront of at least this legislator, and a resurgence of hope should follow on the part of those that are disinterested in the political sphere.

Alanzo Johnson