Sat | Jul 21, 2018

Blame coach, Matherson for KC loss

Published:Monday | April 3, 2017 | 12:13 AM

I attended neither Kingston College (KC) nor Calabar. I also lay no claim to being a track and field expert. Lord knows Jamaica has these in abundance.
However, from a layman’s perspective, I would like to suggest that KC’s loss at this year’s Boys’ Champs belongs squarely on the shoulders of ‘star’ sprinter Jhevaughn Matherson and coach Neil Harrison.
In the case of the former, his false start in the Class One 100m finals where, at worse, he would have finished second. He would have given his school valuable points that would have erased the eventual three-point margin of defeat.
In the case of Mr Harrison, he was simply outcoached by his Calabar counterpart, Michael Clarke.
How else can you explain his turning a 30-point deficit into a three-point victory?
Just look at the result of the Class Two 800m final where KC was expected to garner nine points, with victory going to Aryamanya Rodgers. Calabar roared home first and third, with Rodgers in second place, based on the tactics employed by the Calabar runners.
Finally, it should now be obvious to Mr Harrison, the experts and pundits that points, not bodies, win Champs.