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Letter of the Day | Sell Champs tickets exclusively online

Published:Monday | April 3, 2017 | 12:01 AM

From the outset, I disclaim any connection whatsoever to the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA). I merely attend its events as a spectator.
As a journalist, albeit otherwise engaged, if a comment by another breaches the hallowed rule of fairness, it is unlikely to escape me.
Recently, retired principal of Camperdown High School, Cynthia Cooke, and journalist Carole Beckford, now based at the West Indies Cricket Board, made critical remarks about the execution by ISSA of the annual Boys and Girls’ Athletics Championships. They shared a plausible peeve about the sale of tickets for the event. Like them, I believe it warrants improvement. I go further to suggest an inquiry into how so many persons, euphemistically known as scalpers, have legitimate, costly final-day tickets selling to desperate patrons outside the venue when the official ticket station declared days before that “dem sell off long time”. The dignity and character of the organisers, particularly the designated marshal of the ticket sales, are compromised by this.
I have to disagree with Ms Beckford that “hiring a professional event organiser to stage the meet” is necessary. ISSA has consistently done very well in staging the meet. The sale of tickets is a separate matter ­ at the heart of which are flawed logistics. She and Mrs Cooke also share the same view of the remedy, and I concur with their solution, which is to sell the tickets online, as occurs with international sports events such as the football World Cup, the Olympics and the World Championships.
Seats will be chosen during purchase, and if it can be arranged the way boarding passes are now done for airline passengers, you can know exactly who enters the stadium on each pass and eliminate hoarding and the scalpers. Officials, specially invited guests and athletes, will wear special identity cards.
All that said, my logistics consultancy fees are within ISSA’s budget.
Mona, Kingston 7