Fri | Jan 19, 2018

Welfare of student athletes most relevant

Published:Tuesday | April 4, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Let me congratulate Boys and Girls' Champs winners, Calabar and Edwin Allen High School, respectively.

I would like to suggest that the winners remain calm and that we address our usual capacity for recrimination, and that we cease and desist from the desire to crucify the young people and their coaches when there are false starts.

I also welcome Ugandan Aryamanya Rodgers and acknowledge that it is a thing most wonderful when a person leaves his home far away to come to a country known for hospitality like Jamaica.

On the matter of transfers and recruitment, I recommend that we put the welfare of student athletes front and centre. Too many of them have been sacrificed for schools and coaches, and insufficient attention paid to their health, academics, and future success. There are too many whose injuries and troubles have stymied their development and growth.

To our coaches, congratulations, for you are expected to work miracles. The work of G.C. Foster College has demonstrated that if we want to progress globally and locally, we need to have competent leaders.

Finally, we should get the momentum of Champs to help move Jamaica from obesity to fitness. Let us ensure that our children are doing physical education. Sports will produce the elite athletes and all of the allied professionals, but we need to apply the fitness component of education to developing a healthy society.