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Property tax madness by Holness Gov’t

Published:Wednesday | April 5, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I wish to join the throng of taxpayers aggrieved and shocked by the Government's property tax madness. It is quite obvious that this tax policy was not only ill-conceived but not examined in the least for its negative impact on the working and retired classes of Jamaicans and the catastrophic effect it would have in the abortion of the Government's much-touted prosperity plan that brought them to power.

I am, therefore, calling on this very fragile Government to awake from its economic and political coma and reverse this onerous and destructive regime that seems to reflect its intent to commandeer Jamaicans' hard-earned properties.

The following are my proposals for timely economic growth that will furnish the country with scarce foreign exchange, which is at the root of our economic plight.

Engage the minister of economic growth and job creation to identify a range of potential economic ventures that will generate good financial returns such as:

(1) The exploitation of the dormant treasures of Port Royal as Jamaica's premier tourist attraction.

(2) Develop and expand the salubrious Milk River and the St Thomas Bath Fountain as the most therapeutic health spas in the Western world for tourism.

(3) Create a Jamaican heritage community that showcases our unique cultural practices as a people and sell this to the world, utilising our athletics ambassadors. Every tourist visiting the island should leave having been immersed in the magic of our fascinating Patois, roast fish, mannish water, blue drawers, roast corn and coconut, curried goat, fritters, Jamaican herb teas, coconut rundown, etc.

(4) Jamaican Patois should be packaged and sold to all tourists as a symbol of national baptism that initiates them into local culture.

(5) Solicit submissions from ordinary Jamaicans who have ideas that can fuel economic growth so that it becomes a national responsibility.

(6) Use the National Housing Trust money to invest frugally and aggressively to provide substantial or meaningful retirement income and modest basic housing units at very minimal cost or free to gradually erase the chronic squatter settlement in the country.

Thanks for ventilating my humble submission.