Tue | Feb 20, 2018

Tax watchdog needed to oversee Gov't

Published:Wednesday | April 5, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Taxpayers are mandated by law to pay their taxes. Taxpayers are being called on and coerced day in, day out via advertisements, etc., to pay their property tax, as these taxes, they are told, are to be used for their betterment. The citizens of this country are asked to pay these taxes or else they will be drawn before the courts for non-payment.

Unfortunately, the Government and its agents are not fulfilling their obligation to use these taxes as stipulated and are not forced to carry out their obligations.

Our leaders, municipal councillors, etc., whom we elect to carry out these duties, are reneging on their duty and are not being called out. Most often than not, when roads are fixed, they are fixed because the community is aligned with a particular political party or member who got the most votes for that community. If citizens don't vote for a particular party or party member for a particular area, that area is not maintained.

Property taxes are to be used to finance the maintenance and expansion of street lighting, collection and disposal of solid waste, community infrastructure and civil improvements, rehabilitation of parochial and farm roads, etc., but very few attempts are made to deal with these issues. Communities are left for decades without most of these services realised.

Yes, we have citizens and organisations that are not paying taxes, but when the taxes are collected, how are they used, and are they used efficiently by the Government?

A non-partisan committee made up of all stakeholders, including community members, needs to be set up to govern the effective use of our taxes by the State, especially our property taxes. Our communities are suffering from the dereliction of our Government.


Concerned Citizen