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Letter of the Day | Rein in Judge Dread

Published:Friday | April 7, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I've been taking note of this so-called chief parish court judge's decisions for a while now, including her conduct of the Kern Spencer case and other matters. She acts like a god in the courtroom. Lawyers, defendants, complainants, and witnesses are afraid of her.

Judith Pusey dealt a serious blow to the justice system by imprisoning 33-year-old Nerice Samuels for six months even though she did not get a lawyer to represent her. Judge Pusey has been criticised by Director of Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn. I ain't gonna say what the current DPP said about Judge Pusey's judicial error because the public knows the beef between these two ladies. Here's what her colleagues said in overturning her decision.

The story headlined 'Justice at last', published in The Gleaner of April 5, 2017, stated:

"In handing down the oral judgment, Justice Brooks said that the panel, which included President Justice Dennis Morrison and Justice Paulette Williams, agreed with the DPP that there had been 'judicial error'.

"Noting that Pusey never submitted an affidavit that a court had requested in response to Samuels' claims, Brooks said that the whole situation 'should not ever have occurred and should not be repeated'.

"He said that while parish court judges, formerly resident magistrates, have a huge workload, they have to be careful.

"It is without question that the conviction must necessarily be quashed.

"Brooks said that a retrial would not be in the interest of justice, even as he explained that if Samuels was guilty, the facts of the case did not support a prison term."

I think Judge Pusey's boss, Chief Justice Zaila McCalla, should discipline her.