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Partisan Analyst of the Year is ...

Published:Friday | April 7, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I read your columnist, Daniel Thwaites, last week and almost fell from my chair when he did not find a way to take a stab at the Andrew Holness administration in his well-done piece on the funeral bling culture that has taken over so many Jamaicans.

It was back to normal for Thwaites this week, though, in his 'Suffering heart attax', and it got me thinking about which commentator in local media was the most partisan.

I have narrowed the top three to Thwaites, Garfield Higgins, who writes in the Sunday Observer, and Nationwide's Dennis Brooks.

While I'm not going to say which of the three, I believe, is most biased in his reasoning, Thwaites is the son of a veteran Comrade who was obviously raised in a People's National Party family and has followed the same path. Higgins is a trained teacher who now makes big bucks as a senior adviser to the minister of education, youth and information, while Brooks is a teacher and journalist.

I hope other readers will give their take on this and share with you who they think are the most partisan of the local commentators.