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Security planning for events

Published:Friday | April 7, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Private security is offering security services for a fee. It is a profit-making industry, offering personnel, equipment, and procedures to businesses, corporations, industries, and individuals to prevent losses.

The undermentioned are international security regulations and protocols adopted by most members of the United Nations and are executed by private security companies.

- International Ship Port & Port Facility Security Code and Safety of Life at Sea convention.

- Airline and airport security

- Passenger pre-board screening at airports

- Seaport screening

- Container security initiative.

- Annex 17 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Security Protocols for Suppression of Unlawful Interference Against Civil Aviation).

Residential communities have turned to private security to provide auxiliary security support against crime. Government facilities, banks, schools, corporations, insurance companies, libraries, businesses, transportation terminals, and individuals have all initiated some form of security measure, contracted or hybrid. Private security is separate from law enforcement. Its core function is the protection of assets tangible or intangible.

Entertainment and sporting events attract massive crowds. Security management should employ the IRIMAC template, i.e., Information, Risk Assessment, Intention, Method, Administration, and Communication. This would enable good execution techniques to ensure crowd control.

Security planning for an event requires detailed pre-planning, which takes into account obvious and unforeseeable risks associated with an event, as well as the 'what if' scenarios. A detailed security plan for an event should encompass patrons, stakeholders, security forces, and fire and ambulance services. All possible risks should be taken into consideration.

It is of paramount importance that our private security personnel be properly trained to operate in a globalised environment.


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