Mon | Jan 22, 2018

Poisoned by politics

Published:Friday | April 14, 2017 | 12:06 AMR. Oscar Lofters


Party politics has divided Jamaica into two camps, one flying an orange flag, the other a green flag. We pay more allegiance to these rags instead of the flag bearing the national colours, black, green and gold.

Consequently, we have orange and green garrisons in urban centres and diehard green and orange followers throughout Jamaica.

When the Government is controlled by the orange flag, roadwork, and menial and government jobs are shovelled out to People's National Party worshippers. Many of us still remember Michael Manley's crash programme and, recently, Portia's JEEP.

More recently, $600 million was allocated by the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) for expert complex bush-clearing and drain-cleaning work. It was reported that most of the money was distributed to JLP partisans.

Jamaica is a country with a teetering economy. With the help of the IMF, we are managing to stay afloat.

Unfortunately, we are led by politicians who care more about party and political power than the needs of the country. Corruption, crime, violence and creeping poverty can be tracked to divisive politics.

Kingston 8