Mon | Aug 21, 2017

Education is not an option

Published:Thursday | April 20, 2017 | 4:00 AM


With overwhelmed hearts, eyes wet with tears, the youth cry and we put forth our struggles to the Jamaican nation. Not for pity, but because we want results. We want the true prosperity promised to us, regardless of the party siting in the power seat. We want a better path to education. Let us be honest with ourselves and admit that as youth, we don't all have the same mental capacity to learn. So why then are we all taught using a rigid syllabus?

Teachers teach classes where only a small percentage of their students grasp the topic with near-perfect understanding. The rest are average and most of the times, the others are struggling to comprehend. Those with the real struggles are offered no more attention or no extra tutelage unless they are paying out of pocket. This means that the majority of our children are being left behind in the classroom.

The world has employed its own standards. It's time we set our own that's tailored to the needs of our people. Where are the innovative educators? I call you forth!

Government, wake up! Refuse the sweet call of slumber until you have exhausted all of your materials, networks, and skilled individuals to reduce and eventually eradicate this problem. Create lasting programmes dedicated to teach those deemed 'unteachable'. Take out your pens and revise laws. Generate new ones if you have to, to ensure that education doesn't become an option but a necessity.

Chantol Aspinall