Thu | Jul 19, 2018

Target heads of criminal gangs

Published:Friday | April 21, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Clarendon seems to have an inbred and underlying culture of violence and viciousness about it. Over the last several years, this has been highlighted, re-emphasised and now cemented in our conscious.

Several communities appear to be overrun by murderous monsters or immersed in bloodbath rituals. Murderers walk with heads held high, after removing the heads of their victims.

The glorification of guns, gangs and garrisons has finally caught up with us. How else can we explain the string of gory and horrifying attacks leading to death in that parish? Young men covered in hoodies, carrying military grade weapons are wreaking havoc on the hapless and helpless residents.

Recently, one man was convicted for murdering four persons execution style. One mother, weeks ago, awoke to her worst fears: her three young sons shot by gunmen, leaving two dead. One man missing for weeks discovered chopped up like chicken parts in a bucket.

In such circumstances, how shall the state respond? What is it about Canaan Heights, May Pen, Sevens Road, Bucknor and even Frankfield that inspires wickedness?

Gangs continue to proliferate in that parish despite the anti-gang legislation. Schools are now infiltrated with students profiling as junior gang members. Police are up to their necks with work and criticisms, while murderers continue to get bail.

Social intervention is a must for Clarendon, followed by a gun amnesty. Pay big bucks to those taking in the guns or telling where they are. Garrisons and dons need to be brought down. Organise communities in order to dismantle gangs.

Judges need to use sentences as lessons and warnings to would-be gang members. Parliamentarians need to act, using people power to defeat this evil.