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Cooperation in Jamaica Moves campaign commendable

Published:Tuesday | April 25, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I would like to use this medium to publicly convey my congratulations to the Ministry of Health for the successful launch of the Jamaica Moves campaign.

I am particularly pleased to see that the launch has had such a positive and vibrant reception, especially from persons like me who are active in the social media realm. In that same breath, I must pay special kudos to the marketing/public relations team that is driving the promotion of the campaign with the use of up-to-date, innovative and animated techniques.

It has drawn a great deal of attention, and it is now calling people to action. I hope that it will ultimately make its transition from social-media glitz to the very heart of communities across the length and breadth of Jamaica.

The use of well-known personalities drawn from different spheres, including MPs from both the government and opposition benches, is particularly interesting, and I dare say peculiar to a campaign from any government ministry. At long last, bipartisan cooperation on a matter relating to health care in Jamaica!




The issue of public health care in Jamaica has been so politically divisive. If Government and Opposition have been able to come together on an issue such as this, they deserve my highest commendation.

The reality that all Jamaicans must face is that, irrespective of our political affiliations (or lack thereof), the lifestyles that we live now oftentimes lead us to severe health challenges (and possibly early, unprepared death) in the future. The public health system will continue to be strained if citizens don't make unified investments in our health now.

As I see it, primary/preventative health care has not occupied a position of honour in the discussion on health care. It has been mired, in my view, by the 'tracing' that parades itself as discussion on the state of public hospitals in the country.

Like many Jamaicans, I hold closely the view that more needs to be done to invest in primary/preventative health care. It is my view that a campaign like Jamaica Moves will be the first step to make that transition.