Sun | Feb 25, 2018

Put corruption in check

Published:Wednesday | April 26, 2017 | 11:11 PM


The Honourable prime minister spoke on crime and corruption in his recent Budget presentation. It should have gone further.

While applauding the Government for putting together a different crime-fighting strategy there's a key element that's missing in achieving our 5 in 4 GDP growth.

What our government needs to do is to clearly define corruption by amending the Corruption Prevention Act to include a whistle blowing provision. This programme would give a substantial reward to any person or persons who has concrete evidence against anyone in the government or in the private sector, which leads to the arrest and charge of such individual or individuals. The reward would then be payable.

Adding this commitment to our crime-fighting agenda is a win-win solution one can just visualise the impact. Having law-abiding citizens armed with this option will help to police and to protect our Project Jamaica, a jewel in disguise. This is a very big, big game changer.

Finally, our laws, our rules and our regulations will be properly enforced releasing our true growth potential, making Jamaica a role model for the world to follow.

So, leaders on both sides, let us stop talk the talk and walk the walk. Rise up leaders! Give us Jamaicans both at home and abroad this law and we all will make Jamaica great again.

S. Lyn