Sat | Jan 20, 2018

Dissed by Matilda’s Corner Texaco staff

Published:Saturday | May 6, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I am writing an open letter to my fellow Jamaicans in the hopes that I may prevent others from having the same demeaning experience I encountered at the Matilda's Corner Texaco gas station on the night of April 21, between the hours of 8:50 p.m. to some time after 11 p.m.

On this night, there was pouring rain in Kingston and my gas light came on. I had no choice but to take the last amount of cash I had to put enough gas in my car to get home from a long day at work. While at the above-named gas station, I was a little distracted, as I was trying to get assistance from one of the attendants to change my windscreen wiper.

Sadly, when the attendant who pumped the gas told me she had finished the task, I did not look at the pump. As I was about to leave the gas station, I noticed my gas light was still on and the gas gauge remained in the same position, indicating the tank was empty.

The matter was escalated from the attendant to the supervisor, then the manager, and finally, I had to file a report at the Matilda's Corner Police Station. The worst experience of all was the disrespectful attitude and unfortunate lack of customer service skills displayed by the manager on duty at the time, Ms Bramwell, who had also refused to give me her name.




After debating with the staff for about two hours, I was left clueless as to whether someone would help to resolve the situation, especially seeing I was a single female driving late at night with barely any gas in my car. Ms Bramwell pointedly asked me what I expected her to do, if I wanted her to give me money out of her pocket, and other such remarks. It was after this point that I filed the police report.

When the police accompanied me back to the gas station, the manager attempted to invalidate my complaint. I was moved to tears because of the inhumane treatment I received from the head of staff at this service station. It was only through the genuine concern of the police officer and her goodness of heart that I was able to leave and purchase gas at another service station. Not only did she assist me monetarily; the officer also ensured that I got home safely. I am truly grateful to this officer and will always remember her kindness.

Is this the kind of customer service we generally must endure in Jamaica? I refuse to sit and allow this to slide! I will now progress the matter to the Consumer Affairs Commission, as I have a right to receive what I paid for and to be treated with respect as a customer.

I trust none of my fellow Jamaicans will ever experience what I went through at the Matilda's Corner Texaco gas station or anywhere else.