Wed | Feb 21, 2018

Injustice to Merlene Ottey

Published:Wednesday | May 10, 2017 | 12:00 AM


In the years I have known Merlene Joyce Ottey as a classmate, she has been an upstanding member of the Rusea's High School community. If European Athletics has its way, it would be wrong to see her 200m indoor world record of 21.87 being cancelled.

If I were to write a character reference about this icon, I would swear on my deathbed she wasn't a taker of illicit substances. She has the characteristics of a person with unblemished integrity. Merlene was a woman of substance with a rare leadership acumen. She was also a loving person with great benevolence.

It would be unjust for her 200m world record to be annulled because she lived in an era when many persons found it fit to cheat using performance-enhancing drugs.


If the IAAF ratifies this ridiculous proposal, it would be most unwelcome. Many clean, world-class athletes did nothing wrong and would be made to pay high price for the wrongdoing of others.

I think the IAAF should reconsider its options. The entire athletics fraternity is nervous at this time. I think the elites alone in the fraternity should have a say in this despicable act to ensure there is equity in the attempt to correct malpractices of the past. They should undertake thorough investigations and come to a consensus as to what should be done in circumstances like these.


Greater Portmore