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Frankie Paul a gentleman

Published:Tuesday | May 23, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Frankie Paul


In a space known for its crudeness and crassness, Frankie Paul was the ultimate gentleman. Smooth, suave and sensational in his delivery, Frankie Paul surmounted the challenges of visual impairment and the marginalisation that usually accompanies it in Jamaica. He 'knew the score', but he prepared himself well.

I am glad I was there at Startime last year to witness his scintillating performance, delivered with a defiance that brought pure joy to his many fans at Mas Camp that night. After he had belted out his hits that had us rocking over the decades - Sara, Alisha, Worries in the Dance,

I Know the Score, Cassanova, Pass the Tu-Sheng Peng - he opened a gospel set piece that had that throng raptured.

You couldn't get him off the stage, and we, insatiable fans, wanted more and more. It was as tough he was saying, "I am going out blazing!" Fortunately for me, it was not my last Frankie Paul performance. I caught him again shortly after at the Ranny Williams Centre, where he again did his marvellous gospel set, along with his classics.

Frankie's idol was Reggae Prince Dennis Brown, and his lovers' rock genre displays that influence. One of Frankie's finest, most melodic songs is one of his least known - You Are My Queen. It is one of the finest lovers' rock songs ever recorded by anyone on Planet Earth! Frankie Paul lives. Everywhere that a retro session is played, Frankie Paul has to be there - or else it's Worries in the Dance.


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