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Ishawna attacks rooted in hypocrisy

Published:Wednesday | May 24, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Having watched the Ishawna interview on TVJ's Entertainment Report, I believe Jamaicans are really 'bad-mind' and hypocritical. In her controversial song Equal Rights, which regales a woman's right to demand oral sex, Ishawna narrates in the first person, which has caused a number of people on Facebook to 'bun her out'.

Maybe my 20 years in the music industry didn't teach me anything, but if so many other male artistes sing about oral sex, why should Ishawna's doing the same be viewed any differently?


Adult content


Her song is adult content. If you don't like it, don't listen to it. Hardcore dancehall music is not for children.

Ishawna, nor any other entertainer, is not here to baptise or give moral or ethical lessons to anyone. They are simply entertainers.

We watch all these nasty North American soap operas and reality shows. We praise hip-hop and R&B artistes, buy their products, and proudly emulate their lifestyle, yet we seek to tear down our own Jamaican artistes.

As any who does marketing knows, you need to create a buzz around your product. Not everyone can be Tanya Stephens or Marcia Griffiths or Tessanne Chin. We are going to have the Gages, Alkalines, and Vybz Kartels. And we are going to have off-the-chain, edgy female counterparts.

Alkaline said he wants 'brawta' (which I thought was utterly distasteful, but to each his own). I don't recall the backlash being as vigorous. And Demarco has a video of him getting oral sex, and Vybz Kartel has sung about oral sex.

If you're not engaged in oral sex, these songs shouldn't bother you.

Lil Wayne and 50 Cent both have songs about women receiving cunnilingus. So do Nikki Minaj and Lil Kim. All these artistes are highly respected in Jamaica.

Ludacris, in the early 2000s, performed his lollipop song at Cinema 2, New Kingston, and the crowd went wild. Biggie and Tupac have huge fan bases in Jamaica, and so does Drake. These guys all sing about oral sex, and the Jamaican crowd loves and embraces them. So why are you hypocritical women and idiotic men attacking Ishawna? Support her or just move on. Don't tear down the young lady!