Sat | Feb 24, 2018

End excuses for raising age of consent

Published:Saturday | June 3, 2017 | 12:00 AM


It's a copout to broach the argument that if we raised the age of consent to 18, more work would be created for the courts and more sex offenders generated because of the reclassification. The upbringing of youth is not a walk in the park, nor is it something that naturally falls into place.

As a people, I think that we are too lazy and just want to continue passing the buck to someone else or to some entity such as the State.

WHAT a beauty it would be if we ALL participated in caring for all our youth, thereby allowing them to expend all their energies in progressive academic, social, and spiritual training, not having to contend with whether they are pregnant or infected with some venereal disease. Our youth deserve more than we are doling out to them so that they can all aspire to become productive adults.

But no, sadly, there are those who have ulterior motives, who want to continue feeding their lustful desires for young, ravishing, and sprightly girls and boys, as the case may be. So they continue to argue, among other things, that there should be coitus age bands allowed by law. How preposterous!




It's also not OK to include a clause to allow underage youth to dabble in sex among themselves with impunity. What is it about Jamaican sexuality that cannot be fixed? We are too uncontrollable, too lawless, and that is what feeds our poor Corruption Perception Index rankings.

We do not need to conduct another study to show that there is a correlation between social behaviours, including how we handle matters of sex on one hand and academic output and career advancement on the other. If we are focused, we can grow our youth properly and seek to improve the welfare of all our people - the youth included. Instead of allowing unrestrained behaviour, let's help them to exercise self-control. Let's move beyond the sound bite 'make Jamaica a place to live ... , do businesses and RETIRE'. We can.