Mon | Jul 16, 2018

In defence of school rules

Published:Friday | June 9, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Since the unfortunate incident at Vauxhall High in which a student was pinned down and had his hair forcibly cut, opinions have been divided on whether school rules are relevant. First, let me make it unequivocally clear that I do not support abuse. I believe that the matter could have been dealt with differently and more prudence could have been exercised.

With that said, it does not matter how redundant or stupid parents or students think the rules are, they will have to understand that it is not okay to break them. My advice to my children at all times is that they should conform, and if they have an issue, they should complain to the relevant persons. But until the rules are changed, they must be respected and observed.

What we as parents fail to understand is that when our children leave home, they are representing us and what we stand for. Never condone indiscipline from your children. Rules must be kept. If students are allowed to break the rules, they are showing utter disregard to those mandated with the responsibility to enforce them.

When you have a single space with hundreds of people from different backgrounds, there have to be general rules to ensure safety, accountability and respect.