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Apology for SVL draw clash

Published:Monday | June 12, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Supreme Ventures Ltd apologises for what happened with the airing of the 8:25 p.m. draw at a very important moment in the Racers Grand Prix on Saturday evening.

While our draw schedule is largely fixed, we have been trying our best to be as flexible as possible when events of this significance are to be aired. For that very reason, SVL and Television Jamaica have made a substantial investment in technology to facilitate a picture-in-picture (a type of split-screen format), which is used during events of great significance in the interest of the viewing public.

We have also had abbreviated draws, where we quickly and efficiently get the information out, and return to any special programming. In other instances, we have delayed the draw, as happened during last year's Olympics, when we moved our 8:25 p.m. draw to 8:45 p.m., for the viewing of a highly anticipated race.

The decision to amend the draw format is usually arrived at after a discussion with our broadcast partners, who receive the schedule in advance, and advise us of any potential conflicts.

The Grand Prix meet schedule had a break slotted in at 8:25 p.m., which would have allowed for a return to studio for the airing of the draw, and then a return to the live meet broadcast, without viewers having missed anything. Unfortunately, it didn't manifest that way.

We apologise for what was a source of frustration and anger for many of you, and commit to working harder with our stakeholders to prevent a recurrence.


Assistant Vice-President,

Corporate Communication

Supreme Ventures Limited