Fri | Aug 17, 2018

Dress code rules not stupid

Published:Wednesday | June 14, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Recently, school rules have come under direct attack by progressive liberal elements of our society since a group of teachers foolishly decided to trim a non-compliant student. Although the student was very defiant seeing that he was given money to trim his hair, the teachers' response was a result of their own frustration with the student. The rules did not empower or coerce them to do it. Nonetheless, these progressive elements seized the opportunity to promulgate their long-standing distaste for the rules. They often paint the rules as foolish, stagnant, outdated and unprogressive. But I posit that the establishment and enforcement of rules secure the viability and progression of any organisation. That organisation can never advance without rules.

Just imagine if both teachers and students could do whatever they like? Who says that the teacher wants to come to school at the prescribed time every day? Obviously, if the teacher could come and go at anytime, it is certain that the goal of educating children could not be reached. The same would be true if the students had the same privilege. Progressives then should consider advocating for solutions to treat with the defiant and unruly whose conduct is inimical to the progression of the school since they are concerned with progress.

Dress code rules cannot be stupid and unprogressive rules. The first activity the student does when going to school is to dress for school - the first lesson. If the student fails at the first lesson then the probability of that student succeeding at subsequent lessons is very slim. The issue is not that these rules should not be enforced because they are irrelevant to education, but it is student priorities. If a student is prepared to be sent home because he or she repeatedly refuses to comply with the dress code, then education is not among that student's main priorities. I think progressives should spend more time conveying to our young people that a good education would make them progress in this life. Tight clothes and long hair are only valued in senseless parties.


Dean of discipline at a non-progressive high school