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Letter of the day | Co-operation, collaboration necessary for survival

Published:Wednesday | June 14, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I write this letter at a moment when we as a country are at a crossroads. We have to acknowledge that the saying should not be 'no problem' but 'nuff problems'. While we see that talent is abounding through athletics, fashion and other channels, we see the talent going to waste through the ongoing bloodletting.

In this, our paradoxical country, we fail to understand that without the meaningful work, care and concern about the unattached youth who have little to live for and who are completely alienated from the society and its institutions we are approaching a state of

anarchy and disorder. In addition, we are no doubt experiencing the return of deportees from the main metropolitan destinations where we reside. They, too, are unwanted.

I want to hear that the ministers of government and their opposition counterparts as well as our security forces are meeting, planning and executing actions to address the problems. I want to hear of spending on value-adding priorities as opposed to pet projects and patronage. We have to get over how things look. We have a love of appearances, and we must look at substance. The very Westminster system that we worship is now on its way to a coalition between the Conservatives and the DUP of Ireland. It is time citizens and our leaders realise that collaboration and cooperation are necessary for our survival.

It is time for the superficial chatter, point scoring and bad behaviour to be replaced by sober, wise, respectful discussion. While we rejoice at the good things happening, we realise that the country is going to hell. Too many of us are contentious and negative in our comments.

As Glen Mills told Usain Bolt many years ago when he faced the acrimonious comments of now-adoring fans, "You are running for yourself. forget about the people who are criticising." Our leaders must do what is right and required not for popularity, but because it was their duty. Patriotism has been demonstrated by Bolt and Horace Burrell in ways that must be adopted by our leaders.

Jamaica 55 requires a new direction; this shortcut is drawing too much blood.